Reviews part 2


Danito & Athina – Really Like – Deep Inside Your Love EP – Jeudi Records

Some tracks put a smile on your face. This one certainly does that, along with a piano riff that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Its a soulful, deep (in the traditional emotional sense, rather than the reincarnated UK Garage deep stuff), and has a laid back quality which keeps things grooving along. The rest of the ep is more of a deeper vein, but is of equal quality. Got to say, this is the first time I’ve heard any tracks on Jeudi Records. I’ll be checking them out in future.


Kraak & Smaak featuring John Turrell – Back Again – Jalapeno Records

Really been feeling the slower more soulful vibes of late, and this one has a great balance of bleep, funk, soul and groove. Got a real Crazy P/Ron Basejam/Hot Toddy feel to it which I’m really feeling. Definitely worth checking out.


Ninelives – All This Love (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)- Vendition

I’ve been playing the last few Ninelives tracks for a while now. They are always well constructed, funking groovers of the highest order. So when I spotted that Drop Out Orchestra had remixed one of their releases, it REALLY flagged my interest. The Drop Out boys make bass that sounds like no other – fat, low slung and properly dirty. They are properly among my favourite remixers out there at the moment and anyone who can make Rick Astley into dubby disco, and then make it sound great, has got to be worth listening to.


101 Ways to annoy a label owner….#56 The poorly thought out demo submission

Producing tracks takes time and care. Talent helps too. So you’ve got what you think will be a #1 hit on beatport. And you need to get it released. So what do you do? 

Well, before I tell you what I THINK you should do, I’m going to give an example of what you shouldn’t do. With Llama Farm, I have a dropbox on my soundcloud account ( if you want to have a look….). I wrote what I thought was quite clear in terms of what I’m looking for.

I said in no uncertain terms that any submissions should be in keeping with the labels output. Yeah, obviously wasn’t clear enough. So what do I get? People sending vast amounts of tracks shared to 5000 people who will equally be not interested in it. “Privately shared” on soundcloud means restricted numbers. 5000 people does not equate to private.

Interestingly,the most recent submission described my label as “deep and crispy”. I have no idea as to what this refers to, but the submission HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OUTPUT OF THE LABEL, so I deleted it.


So what should you do?


  • Firstly, send your music to a label you buy the music of regularly. If you make what you like, this should tie together.
  • Submit one track, and make it your best one.
  • Be polite, but don’t make claims you can’t back up. (If they’ve never heard of you, you are not the saviour of whatever form of music you have chosen to produce)
  • Send it to a handful of labels. Remember that people know people too. House music is a pretty small community, word does get round as everyone chats. If word gets round, you may get offers from interested labels.
  • Ask people for feedback. Take it on board when its criticism. Make better tracks. Repeat!


And hopefully, that’s turned a frown upside down.


PS Please, please, please stop sending me minimal techno. Its a waste of my bandwidth.


Its release review time………

Been thinking for a while I should do some reviews of music that either just come out or I’ve been sent as promos. For the sake of angst and avoiding being negative, Im only going to pick the stuff I’ve been REALLY impressed with.

So, here we go….

 Nico K – Love Dust EP – Black Cherry



Now Dj Heather’s label doesn’t release that often (in fact even less often than Llama Farm, and I’m slack when it comes to putting things out), but man, when they release something, its always worth listening to.

Nico K isn’t a name I’ve seen around much before, but the ep produced has a really nice balance across the five tracks. There’s something for pretty much everyone here who likes shades of jack.

The ep opener “Back together” has a deep soulful vibe – kind of a jacked up version of the soulful stuff Large used to put out. The vocal is crisp and theres a smoothness to the whole thing, which just just helps the whole track glide. Its probably my pick off the ep, simply due to smile it puts on my face.

The other cut of note on here is “Got It Bad”, which has a James Brown cut up feel to it – never giving away exactly what its sampled through an obvious breakdown, having the right level of funk to keep things going.

The ep also includes a South of Rooslevelt remix of Back Together, and two other originals in Zombie and Welcome to the Party.

Rating: 4 ½ Llamas out of 5


Random Soul and Joshua Heath – Time To Funk – Random Soul Recordings



A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with two thirds of the producers of this track (namely Husky and Joshua). They are names I always keep an eye out for and this track, when I saw the title made me start salivating. Now, I know Josh knows the funk (just listen to any bassline in any track he’s ever had ANYTHING to do with an you’ll know what I mean), and Yogi and Husky just bring their bumpin soul to table and the whole thing sticks together like some big funky cookie dough that you can’t resist.

My two picks off the ep are the the Random Soul Dub and the original extended version. I was surprised when I heard it was Josh doing the vocals – (then I twigged his flow was first heard on the re-release of his “Wanna Dance” a few years back). Josh’s lyrics are amusing and very apt and fits the RSR boys bleepy bouncy soul perfectly.

The two versions are picked for different times in the night – the extended original is more of a nu-disco feel to it, and the dub is a more straight up house version. Either way, it kicks ass.

Rating: 4 Llamas out of 5