Its only the return of Ned Flanders!

Ned Flanders

Missing a Vital Piece of the Puzzle EP

Traxsource Exclusive:
Global Release Date:

1. All Sheryl Wants to Do
2. Bit Broke
3. Memory Loss (Ned’s Forgotten Edit)

Available here:

Llama Farm @Stompy Llama Farm @ Beatport
Llama Farm @ TrackitdownLlama Farm @ Junodownload
Llama Farm Online Shop

Here at Llama Farm, sometimes we find people who don’t want to be found. Or indeed, they need to be. We found Ned Flanders wandering in the house music wilderness, clutching a usb stick of his productions, dehydrated from a lack of indeedily funkin doodily.

Always happy to help out an old friend, we nicked the usb stick and got those tunes out!

So here we have three of Ned’s best. First up is All Sheryl Wants to Do, which is more than a little bit obvious! Followed up with Bit Broke, which is a kind of mantra for these times. Closing out with a new re-edit of one of his short-lived earlier tracks – Memory Loss.

Then we packed him off to A & E to get sorted out……


Pete Le Freq
Llama Farm Recordings

Special Thanks go to Dimitri @ CMS for the Mastering, and Tim Wood for his usual high standard of artwork.


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