LLAMA022 – Alfa Flite – Close Encounters of the Llama Kind OUT NOW


Alfa Flite

Close Encounters of the Llama Kind EP

Traxsource Exclusive: 04/08/2013
Global Release Date: 04/22/2013


1. Back & 4th
2. Long Time (Fred Flite’s Longer Edit)
3. Good to Me (Fred Flite’s Vocal)
4, Good to Me (Al Alfa’s Spacey Dub)
Available at

And at the Llama Farm Shop HERE

We like a new artist here at Llama Farm. We especially like one who delivers an unexpected behemoth of an ep, right in our lap.

Well, thats what newbies Alfa Flite have done. Made up of Al “Alfa” Romeo and Fred “Flite” Hostess, these boys are destined for big things.

So what have they delivered?

First we have “Back & 4th”, a shuffly female vocalled jacker of depth and , well funk. Then they roll out with a soulful funk elephant that is “Long Time”.

And to finish off they provide two mixes of a sneaky old favourite in the form of “Good to Me”.

If this ep is anything to go by, these guys are going to be around for a while…..

Pete Le Freq
Llama Farm Recordings

Special Thanks go to Dimitri @ CMS for the Mastering, and Tim Wood for his usual high standard of artwork.


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