Pete Le Freq’s Dial Llama for Funk Show 7.2.2014

This weeks show :)

Tracklist 7.2.2014

Jungle by Night – Marsvin (Kraak & Smaak Remix) – Kindred Spirits

Drop Out Orchestra – The National Theatre (Pete Herbert & Tricky Disco Remix) – File Under Disco

Hot Toddy – Mindtrip – Winding Road

Danito & Athina – Money Girl – Jeudi

Pete Le Freq – Finlay’s Groove (2014 Mix) – Llama Farm

Skaggs – Finish Line – Jalapeno

The Tailors ft Ashibah – Overdue (Late nite Tuff Guy Remix) – issa’min

Husky & Dave Mayer – Dreaming of You- Bobbin Head Music

Miguel Migs – Down to It – Salted

Swing Kings – Bold as Brass -

Costa Martinez & Jiamee – Plastic Love (Diego Auguanno Deep Vibes Remix) – Purple Music

Sean McCabe & Groove Assassin – Body Move -

Recloose ft Joe Dukie – Dust – Peacefrog

Pete Le Freq ft Kelley Farrell – Wanna Dance – Llama Farm

Deeplomatik – Up & down – Salted

Block & Crown ft Deepfish – All night with You – Pornostar

Set Mo – Still Waters (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) – Bobbin Head

Kenny Summit & Reelsoul- The Right Way – Good For You

Urmet K & Millie Mad Docks – Dreamz – Oh!

Bang Bang – Still got Feelings (Arco Remix) – Llama Farm

Venus in Motion – Again & Again (Giom Remix) – Seamless

Inland Knights – Slummin’ It – Drop

Reviews part 2


Danito & Athina – Really Like – Deep Inside Your Love EP – Jeudi Records

Some tracks put a smile on your face. This one certainly does that, along with a piano riff that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Its a soulful, deep (in the traditional emotional sense, rather than the reincarnated UK Garage deep stuff), and has a laid back quality which keeps things grooving along. The rest of the ep is more of a deeper vein, but is of equal quality. Got to say, this is the first time I’ve heard any tracks on Jeudi Records. I’ll be checking them out in future.


Kraak & Smaak featuring John Turrell – Back Again – Jalapeno Records

Really been feeling the slower more soulful vibes of late, and this one has a great balance of bleep, funk, soul and groove. Got a real Crazy P/Ron Basejam/Hot Toddy feel to it which I’m really feeling. Definitely worth checking out.


Ninelives – All This Love (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)- Vendition

I’ve been playing the last few Ninelives tracks for a while now. They are always well constructed, funking groovers of the highest order. So when I spotted that Drop Out Orchestra had remixed one of their releases, it REALLY flagged my interest. The Drop Out boys make bass that sounds like no other – fat, low slung and properly dirty. They are properly among my favourite remixers out there at the moment and anyone who can make Rick Astley into dubby disco, and then make it sound great, has got to be worth listening to.

LLAMA025: More Luck Than Judgement: 25 Releases from Llama Farm

Global Release Date: 01/04/2014

Remixes release weekly exclusives from 11/02/2014


1. Bang Bang – Still Got Feelings (Arco Remix)
2. Ken Venom – Caribbean Nights (Corduroy Mavericks Remix)
3. Bang Bang – Freaky Love (Tom Special Interest Remix)
4. Tourist – Ticket to Ride (The Boogie) (Little Man Big Remix)
5. Bang Bang – Still Got Feelings (Jon Delerious Deep N’ Dub Remix)
6. Tourist – Ticket to Ride (The Boogie) (Freaky Behaviour Remix)
7. Bang Bang – Still Got Feelings (Demarkus Lewis Remix)


Well, after 7 years, 2 distros, at least 17 different artists and what can only be described as a sporadic release schedule, Llama Farm has made it to the quarter century of releases. We started out not knowing what we were doing, and eventually we learnt not to worry about it all and go on instinct.

So to celebrate this landmark achievement (well for us, anyway, since most labels don’t do one of these till release 50 or 100), we got together some friends and asked them to take a gem from our back catalogue, update, tweak, caress, and fondle it, and then send it back.

Thankfully, everyone pulled a blinder. So in this package of fondly remembered earworms, we have retouches from the likes of Demarkus Lewis, Freaky Behaviour, Jon Delerious, Little Man Big, Corduroy Mavericks, Tom Special Interest , and Arco.

There maybe even something else on the way from one of our mates too, but why open all the presents before your birthday?

So here it is. Enjoy. And here’s to at least another 25 releases where we made what we liked in the headphones come out the big speakers.


Pete Le Freq
Llama Farm Recordings

Special Thanks go to Dimitri @ CMS for the Mastering, and Joe Savoy for his fantastic artwork.

101 Ways to annoy a label owner….#56 The poorly thought out demo submission

Producing tracks takes time and care. Talent helps too. So you’ve got what you think will be a #1 hit on beatport. And you need to get it released. So what do you do? 

Well, before I tell you what I THINK you should do, I’m going to give an example of what you shouldn’t do. With Llama Farm, I have a dropbox on my soundcloud account ( if you want to have a look….). I wrote what I thought was quite clear in terms of what I’m looking for.

I said in no uncertain terms that any submissions should be in keeping with the labels output. Yeah, obviously wasn’t clear enough. So what do I get? People sending vast amounts of tracks shared to 5000 people who will equally be not interested in it. “Privately shared” on soundcloud means restricted numbers. 5000 people does not equate to private.

Interestingly,the most recent submission described my label as “deep and crispy”. I have no idea as to what this refers to, but the submission HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OUTPUT OF THE LABEL, so I deleted it.


So what should you do?


  • Firstly, send your music to a label you buy the music of regularly. If you make what you like, this should tie together.
  • Submit one track, and make it your best one.
  • Be polite, but don’t make claims you can’t back up. (If they’ve never heard of you, you are not the saviour of whatever form of music you have chosen to produce)
  • Send it to a handful of labels. Remember that people know people too. House music is a pretty small community, word does get round as everyone chats. If word gets round, you may get offers from interested labels.
  • Ask people for feedback. Take it on board when its criticism. Make better tracks. Repeat!


And hopefully, that’s turned a frown upside down.


PS Please, please, please stop sending me minimal techno. Its a waste of my bandwidth.


Pete Le Freq’s Dial Llama for Funk Show 24.1.2014

Well, it’s been a while but here’s this weeks show on My House Your House


Tonights show….

Kraak & Smaak ft John Turrell – Back Again – Jalapeno
The Tailors ft Ashibah – Overdue (Late Night Tuff Guy Remix) – issa’min
Danito & Athena – Really Like – Jeudi Records
Deeplomatik – Up & Down – Salted
DJ Rocca – Pizza on Wednesday (Dimitri from Paris Remix) – File Under Disco
Nine Lives – All This love (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) – Vendition
Kenny Summit & Reelsoul – The Right Way – Good For You
Urmet K & Soukaina – Cosmic Gypsies – Spirit Soul
Sean McCabe & Groove Assassin – Body Move -
Milk & Sugar – Stay Around (Kolombo Dub) – Milk & Sugar
Munk ft Lazette – The Beat (Extended Vocal) – Gomma
Bang Bang – Still Got Feelings (Arco Remix) – Llama Farm
Tourist – Ticket to Ride (Little Man Big Remix) – Llama Farm
Inland Knights – See Yo Face – Flavor
Da Sunlounge ft Sara Z – Been Here from The Start – Myna
Recloose ft Joe Dukie – Dust – Peacefrog
Tarantulaz – Stop the World – Z Records
Husky – If Only We Had Tonight – Bobbin Head
Daft punk ft Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers – Get Lucky
Drop Out City Rockers – International Track – Drop Out
Urmet K & Millie Mad Docks – Dreamz – Oh!
Disco Kool – My Lovin’ – miniMarket
Knight Rider Theme (Dave Allison Edit)